How it Works

Download Chrome Extension

You go to google chrome store and download the extension here

Add your details

Right click with the mouse on the extension and set your details such as your name/company and address in options as described below:


You can set details in the website, in the Change Settings section, the periority of the name/company and address will be the one that stored in the website. but the mail must be the same mail you used to register.

Log into AliExpress

Before you use the plugin you must to login with your account so the plugin can access the invoices and make them look better.

Plugin Usage

Now you can set fields from date to date and get the invoices in this range, dont use for the whole year because it will be very slow and can take 20-30 minutes.


Set date range

After you set the date range you click on "Get invoices" button, it might take between 2-5 minutes so you need to wait for it to finish, It will show "Action Done" in the screen for 2 seconds when it done , as you see in the picture below:


There are two methods to get invoices, slow mode and fast mode, slow mode attach to any invoice the shipping address, fast mode is the same list of invoices without shipment address

You can use the plugin to send to your mail CSV file with all the orders that has tracking Number when you click on the buttion "Get trackingId". This feature is FREE and you can use it to get all the orders that has tracking Number and send it directly to your mail without signup any account

Single Invoice

You can request to get info on a single invoice as shown in the picture below:


ApInvoice system

Click on "Get invoices" in the dashboard and look on the table with all the invoices.

image image

The picture below is one of the invoices in the list.

Invoice template

This is an example with a list of invoices from 1.12.2019 to 31.12.2019.just remember this example for get a list of invoices for the whole month


Invoice template with shipment details

This is an example with a list of invoices from 1.1.2019 to 4.1.2019.


Single Invoice template

This is an example for a single invoice, the details of the single invoice censored for privacy purpose.